News from the Academic Dean - Dr. Emily Saatcioglu 

MAP Testing 

On April 11 and 12 students in Grades 9-11 completed MAP testing. We’d like to congratulate the top performers in each class and subject. 

Math Science

9 - Hailey Jordan  9 - Anahi Valenzuela Garcia 

9 - Gabriel De La Torre 9 - Nicholas Williams 

10 - Arely Romero-Salinas 10 - Lorena Oropeza-Delgado

10 - PaLaw Ri 10 - George Rocha 

11 - Micaela Carter 11 - Anabel Sledd 

11 - Brandon Valenzuela-Garcia 11 - Juan Lopez De La Cruz 

Reading Language 

9 - Hailey Jordan 9 - Andy Angeles Camargo 

9 - Anahi Valenzuela Garcia 9 - Anahi Valenzuela Garcia

10 - Lorena Oropeza-Delgado 10 - Roberta Sustaita 

10 - Dominic Ramirez 10 - Dominic Ramirez 

11 - Anabel Sledd 11 - Emma Wilkerson 

11 - Lorenzo Kimbrough 11 - Brandon Valenzuela-Garcia 

Final Exams

Final exams begin Monday, May 16 for 9th-11th grade students. We have every expectation that families will structure all travel and vacation plans to support the exam schedule. If your student is going to be absent, please call Mrs. Reed in the front office at 913-229-3825. 

2nd Semester Final Exams - Dates and Times

Monday, May 16 1st Hour Final 8:10-9:40

Tuesday, May 17 2nd Hour Final 8:10-9:40

Wednesday, May 18 3rd Hour Final 8:10-9:40

Thursday, May 19 4th Hour Final 8:10-9:40

Friday, May 20 Make Ups 8:10-9:40

Dismissal is 9:40 each morning of final exams and students are not allowed in the building after 10:00. 

Please note that we do not administer final exams early. In the event that a student is absent, arrangements will need to be made to make-up the final on Friday, May 20. All exams must be completed by Friday, May 20 or the student will receive a 0/F on his/her exam and most likely lose credit(s). 

Tutoring Tuesdays - Bishop Ward teachers are here to provide assistance to ensure students have the best opportunity to be successful in their academics. Tutoring is required for students failing one or more classes. Teachers are available every Tuesday from 3:00pm – 3:30pm to work with students on missing work and assignments. 

Advisory Wednesdays - NHS students are available for peer tutoring on Wednesdays during Advisory. Study hall is required for students with failing grades. 

KC Scholars - This year 55 juniors submitted an application for the $50,000 KC Scholars scholarship and 17 won! These students can use this scholarship at any one of 17 participating local universities. Please be sure to celebrate the success of our students!

Aymee Amaya

Miguel Arellano

Richard Candelario-Navarrete

Alexandra Garcia

Frida Garica

Hector Gonzalez

Isabella Hernandez

Lorenzo Kimbrough

Juan Lopez De La Cruz

Ilene Maldonado

Heymyar Nay

Clarissa Quinonez-Sapien

Mauricio Ramirez

Gabriel Reyes-Gonzalez

Alexandra Robles

Marlyn Sandoval Cortez

Emma Wilkerson

National Honor Society - This semester 32 sophomores and juniors were invited to apply to the National Honor Society. We had 23 applications submitted and 16 students were inducted on Monday, April 25th. 

2022 National Honor Society Inductees

Anastasiia Maiboroda

Arely Romero-Salinas

Dominic Ramirez

Emily Jimenez

Ezekiel Hernandez

Jayden Brown

Jessica Serrano

Jesus de Guadalupe Rodriguez

Lorena Oropeza-Delgado

Mauricio Ramirez Martinez

Miguel Arrellano

Nele Schmidt

Olivia Sanchez

PaLaw Ri

Richard Candelario Navarette

Yasmine Caro

Summer School

Bishop Ward will hold one summer school session for students in need of credit recovery. All classes will be online. Families will receive letters the first week of May indicating if summer school is anticipated or required. Be sure to check your student’s grades on a regular basis. After final grades are posted, a second letter will be mailed to those students whose status changed from anticipated to required. 

Dates: June 1 - June 30 

Monday - Thursday 

Time: 9:00-11:30am  

Location: Bishop Ward Library 

Facilitator: Dr. Emily Saatcioglu