A Bishop Ward Education

A Bishop Ward education is designed to make each graduate a wonderful person, a real Christian. It makes you someone who can be trusted, whether as a classmate, a co-worker, a friend, or even a spouse. It instills in you the qualities of a servant leader: someone who cares enough about others to take the initiative and do the hard work of making the world better, one soul at a time.  A Bishop Ward graduate is an excellent person not just because they're "nice" but because they cultivate the most important relationship of all: their relationship with God. We strive to foster faith, hope and love, and so Bishop Ward graduates build up what is good, true and beautiful. Bishop Ward High School lays the foundation for living a great life -- the life of a true Christian. 


Dr. Emily Saatcioglu

Academic Dean


Amy Cramer

Junior/Senior Counselor


Stacy Cahalan

Freshman/Sophomore Counselor