Endowment Fund

Named Funds in the Bishop Ward Endowment

We are very grateful to the following families and individuals who established a named fund in the Bishop Ward High School Endowment. Because of their generosity, Bishop Ward continues to thrive and graduate young people who are prepared for college and formed as leaders in their faith.

James W. Barrett '46/Dr. James B. Pretz '41 Endowment Fund
“Saint” John Bartkoski Endowment (Est. in loving memory by Cheryl and Jim Portwood)
Michael and Mary Bartkoski Family Endowment
Robert ’69 and Denise McCoy ’71 Beaman
Angeline Carr '43 Breitenstein Scholarship Fund
Joseph P. Carmichael Honorary Endowment
Class of 1961 Endowment
Class of 1963 Endowment
Class of 1964 Endowment
Father Ron Cornish ’60 Endowment
DeCoursey Family Endowment
Audrey and Harry Duckers Family Scholarship Fund
Miss Margaret Fay ’34 Endowment
Edward Fischer ’44 Endowment
John Victor Hermes Endowment (Est. in loving memory by his family)
Kathleen Krivas ’50 Venable Memorial Fund 
William F. Lindquist ’64 Scholarship Fund
Father Ron Livojevich ’60 Endowment
McCullough Family Endowment
Monsignor J.P. McKenna Scholarship Fund
Monsignor Heliodore Mejak ’27 Endowment 
Manuel Mejia Memorial Scholarship Fund (Est. by BeaMarie Mejia ’67 and Stephen Mayer)
Ronald E. Miller ’63 Endowment
Minerva Mufich and Frances Butler Scholarship Fund
Louis Mufich ’42 Endowment
Rose Orlich '45 Scholarship Fund
David '64 and Barbara Grosko '65 Palcher Scholarship Fund
Willard L. Phillips ’22 Endowment
Polish Student Trust Fund
Patricia Meisner '51 Pothetes & the Class of 1951 Scholarship Fund
Frank ’34 and Pauline Rahija Endowment
Rita Murphy ’43 Rome Endowment
Anton and Rose Simonich Family Scholarship Fund
Monsignor Thomas Tank Honorary Endowment
Ernest J. Straub, Jr. Family Scholarship Fund
Coach Don Stump Scholarship Fund
Michael P. Waliczek '63 Endowment
Coach Maurice “Moe” Werner Scholarship Fund
Wheaton Trust Fund
Rev. John B. Yadrich ’40 and Mary Yadrich ’42 Memorial Scholarship
Zupanec Family Endowment (Est. by Gene ’48 and Rosemary Foley ’48 Zupanec)
Rose M. Calovich '48 Golder Scholarship Fund
Edward J. Mayfield Endowment 
Anthony M. Kovach '70 Endowment 
Jim & Jane Stein Family Endowment

Named endowments may be established with a minimum $10,000 gift.