Fall Play


Play Synopsis

Corey is lost. It’s the day of her high school graduation and her unsigned yearbook confirms what she already suspects…no one knows who Corey Taylor is. And how can she blame them when Corey hardly knows herself? When her best friend, Reese, suggests a road trip across America to meet other people named Corey Taylor, Corey reluctantly agrees, and embarks on the trip of a lifetime, hoping that in finding other Corey Taylors, she’ll also find herself. Each scene takes Corey to a new part of America-from a rustic home in Possum Trot, KY, to backstage at a cabaret theater in NYC, to the home of a reclusive author in Lebanon, KA, to a bohemian colony in Austin, TX, to a wide open ranch in Sioux Falls, SD. But it’s a surprise last minute stop that puts everything in focus for Corey, and she learns that finding herself is a journey, not a destination.

We hope you will join us at the show this week and in welcoming our new show director, Mrs. Kaci Berry! 



Mrs. Kaci Berry