Business Department Vision Statement

The Business Department faculty at Bishop Ward aims to foster and develop Bishop Ward students’ college and career-ready skills through the Academy of Finance curriculum and real-life experiences in and out of the classroom. We hope to prepare students to be financially literate, informed about college and career options, and help them and their families be on a path to be financially stable and independent in the future. We also hope to develop men and women for others who understand how God and Catholic social teaching can help guide personal business and career decisions. We do this through project-based learning, guest speakers, putting students in connection with job shadowing, mentoring, and internship opportunities, and community involvement. Our department also offers a variety of courses within the business curriculum that can cater to our students’ individual strengths and abilities. As teachers, our goal is to meet students where they are, and push and work with them so that they can be successful academically, professionally and financially when they graduate Ward thanks to our curriculum, commitment as teachers, and the business and Academy of Finance experience.


  • Students will grow into financially stable and independent individuals. 

  • Students will grow in their knowledge of college and career options.

  • Students will grow in their academic learning of the business curriculum.

  • Students will grow in connecting God and Catholic social teaching in various areas of the business curriculum to become men and women for others. 


Stacy Cahalan

Academy of Finance Director

Brad Grabs

Business Teacher

Laurie Grove

Business Department Chair/Teacher