Legacy Society

The Legacy Society at Bishop Ward includes alumni and friends who have either made a gift of at least $10,000 to the permanent endowment fund and/or have indicated that Bishop Ward is included in their estate plans.

Thank you to our Legacy Society members for their belief in the Bishop Ward mission and their vote of confidence and faith in our future. It is alumni and friends like them who will ensure the bright future for Catholic education in Wyandotte County.

Loretta Monack ’48 Allebach*
James W. Barrett ’47*
Michael and Mary Bartkoski Family Endowment
“Saint” John Bartkoski Endowment
Marsha K. Basey ’62
Robert ’69 and Denise McCoy ’71 Beaman
Frank Bichlmeier, M.D. ’51
Robert Blakesley ’60

Damian Brandenburg '96
William J. Braun ’56

Angeline Carr '43 Breitenstein Scholarship Fund
J. Louis Browne ’67*
John Brunski ’52*
Joseph P. Carmichael Honorary Endowment
Alberto Castaneda ’84
Father Ron Cornish ’60 Endowment
John T. Courtney ’79
Michael and Nancy Czinege

Zach & Amanda Dehaemers
Audrey and Harry Duckers Family Scholarship Fund*
Margaret Edler*
Timothy Evans ’61
Margaret M. Fay ’34
Julie Finan ’67 Fette
Edward Fischer ’44*
Marilyn Luckett Fleming ’54*
Frank Franko ’66
Kristeen Glenn-Paterson ’71*
James Glick ’70

Mary C. and Barry Heiman
John Victor Hermes Endowment Fund*
Nadyne Bartkoski ’57 and Roger Jackson
Catherine A. Jaklevic ’53*
Anthony M. Kovach ’70
William F. Lindquist ’64*
Agatha Little ’30*
Father Ronald Livojevich ’60
BeaMarie Mejia ’67 and Stephen Mayer Manuel Mejia Memorial Fund
Louis and Sue McAvoy
Michael McClain ’46*
Nellie E. McGuinn ’12*
Monsignor Heliodore Mejak ’27*
Ronald E. Miller ’63
Rosemary Mogusar ’38*
William ’69 and Mary Chop ’70 Moon
Louis Mufich ’42*
Monsignor Michael Mullen ’54

Nicholson/Duggins Endowment Fund

Rose Orlich '45 Scholarship Fund

David '64 and Barbara Grosko '65 Palcher
Willard Phillips ’22*
Cheryl and Jim Portwood

Patricia Meisner '51 Pothetes & the Class of 1951 Scholarship Fund
James Pretz, M.D. ’41
Charles Quinlan ’33
Frank ’34 and Pauline Rahija*
Margaret H. Ritter ’38*
Rita Murphy ’43 Rome*
Walter Roschitz ’70*
Zoe Ryan Trust*
Anton and Rose Simonich Family Fund
Charlotte Andervich ’35 Stack*
Donald Stack ’57
Ernest J. Straub, Jr. Family Scholarship Fund*
Virginia Strohmeyer-Miles ’44*
Coach Don Stump Scholarship Fund
William ’48 and Kathleen Krivas ’50 Venable, Jr. *

Michael P. Waliczek '63 Endowment
Rose Sutulovich ’44 Weitzel*
Josephine Hannahan ’37 Welsh*
Coach Maurice “Moe” Werner Fund*
James Wilcox ’63
Father John Yadrich ’40*
Mary C. Yadrich ’42
Lawrence Zink ’37*
Gene ’48 and Rosemary Foley ’48 Zupanec

* In Memoriam