As a Catholic school in the Archiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, all faculty, staff, and volunteers at Bishop Ward High School must receive a background check and attend Virtus Training. This training is designed to prevent the abuse of children by teaching the warning signs of abuse and how to maintain a safe environment for children through continuing education.

You may learn more about the Virtus “Protecting God’s Children” program below.



“Every adult connected with a parish, school or agency in the Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas will have an opportunity to attend a forum designed to prevent the abuse of children.

The "To Protect God’s Children" program identifies the warning signs of abuse and teaches strategies for maintaining safe environments for children. 

When adults who interact with children increase their awareness of child sexual abuse, they form a shield that protects children. That shield is a network of adults alert to potentially abusive situations and children with the confidence to speak up.

Participants will learn how to discuss different aspects of abuse, including sexual abuse, with children and how to teach them to protect themselves.

In addition to the community forums, the Archdiocese requires all employees and volunteers who work with children to complete the training.

It is my intent that every minister, educator, youth worker, and employee attends a forum. To strengthen the program, it is also my intention that they will participate in an on-line continuing education program,

Enhanced by a series of videotaped statements from abuse perpetrators, child victims, and parents, the three-hour sessions will be scheduled for parishes throughout the archdiocese. These awareness sessions will be available in both English and Spanish. They will be lead by people from our Archdiocese specially trained as facilitators. Sessions will be publicized through parishes, schools and in the LEAVEN.

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*All Bishop Ward employees and volunteers are required to be Virtus certified.


The Virtus program for high school students is incorporated into the Theology curriculum. Parents also may choose to opt-out their son or daughter for these particular six lessons during their course of high school. For more information on the Theology Curriculum and educating students please visit:

Questions may be directed to Mrs. Paula Sanchez, Bishop Ward Virtus Coordinator by e-mail or phone 913.371.1201