What is Pep Club?

Pep Club is an organization who spreads the Cyclone Spirit through the entire school and the community.  We show our Black & White pride by cheering at games, wearing our spirit uniforms, and supporting all of the teams and organizations by attending games and events.

 Why should you join? 

The Bishop Ward Pep Club started in the 1940s.  For many, many years Pep Club has been the  biggest and strongest club in the school.  It’s a fun way to meet new people and build friendships.   Traditionally, Pep Club membership is mostly girls, but boys are welcome to join!   

 What does Pep Club do?

We go to games and events to support our friends & Cyclone teams.  We make banners and signs.  We encourage school spirit.  We host all the Pep Rallies and organize Homecoming  and Sweetheart activities.  We also host the Black & White mixer for all Ward students at the beginning of the school year.   

Does it cost to join Pep Club?

Yes.  To help with supplies and expenses, we do have membership dues.  Pep Club dues are $20 per person.  You can pay dues at the first meeting in August or as soon as you can.  You cannot earn any Pep Club points until you pay your dues.   Your $20 also includes your membership Spirit T-shirt.                           

What else is special about Pep Club?

To be able to be the Pepster of the Semester (all grades), to be eligible for Homecoming Royalty (Seniors only) or to be eligible to run for Sweetheart Royalty (all grades) you should attend events like sign-making and go to games and wear your Pep Club uniform to earn your Pep Club points. 

We have helped our Cyclone teams to be honored as the “Game of the  Week” by KMBC Channel 9, Hy-Vee, and MetroSports several times.  We have proudly raised  funds for the Cancer Action Foundation in Kansas City, KS donating a total of $6,000 through the past several years to their organization to support cancer patients, their families, and survivors! 

 What about a Pep Club uniform?

Pep Club members have a black Spirit T-shirt they can purchase as part of their membership dues from Ms. Gregory in the Athletics  Office for $20.  On Spirit Fridays at school, Pep Club members wear their Spirit T-shirt and uniform skirt or uniform pants.  At games, Pep Club members can wear their Spirit T-shirt and shorts, jeans, or sweats. 

 Who are the sponsors?  Who is in charge? 

The officers are in charge:  President—Meg Mahoney, Vice President—Andrea Maracic, Secretary—Juan Vazquez, Treasurer—Valery Santos, Historian—Leslie Villegas, and Recruiter—Amira Ford.  Mrs. Sue Reed and Ms. Angie Gregory are the Pep Club Sponsors.  Mrs. Reed works in the front office and Ms. Gregory works in the Athletic Department.  They both graduated from Ward and they were  both members of Pep Club when they were students.  Please feel free to contact them if you have questions.   


Pep Club Sponsors


Mrs. Sue Reed '80

Front Office Manager/Attendance Office


Ms. Angie Gregory '96

AD Secretary/Registrar