Bishop Ward High School Esports

Vision and Rules of Conduct

Hello! Welcome to Bishop Ward’s Video Game Club! We have created this club in order to help facilitate social interaction between students with similar interests, foster positive in-person and online interactions between peers, and teach relevant skills in technology and communication.

We will facilitate social interaction between students with similar interests where students can have fun and take part in cooperative video games by creating connections through an online meeting point. The central location of this year’s video game club is a google classroom. Students fill out a google form with the games they play, the console/device they play on, and their username. Currently, students must provide their own gaming devices. While we welcome anyone who enjoys video games in a casual setting, we are currently recruiting members for our competitive E-Sports team.

We also plan on inviting guest speakers with expert level knowledge to share what they know with interested students. Topics include: The Importance of Positive Communication (in various fields), Sound Design, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Coding, and more. We have built a connection with the head coach for the E-sports team at the University of Saint Mary’s who can provide scholarships for college tuition as well.

Students who take part in the video game club must follow the guidelines set in the student handbook here: Games deemed inappropriate by the Sponsors and/or the Administration will not be played on campus.

For the purpose of specificity and clarity, the rules for the Video Game Club, in addition to the rules in the student handbook, are as follows:

Be Respectful - Be respectful to your schoolmates, your team members in the video games you are playing, and your opponents.

Keep Up With Your School Work - Make sure you maintain your studies as your number one priority. Video games are fun but they should not get in the way of advancing your knowledge of English, Business, History, Math, Spanish, Art, Science, Theology, Health and all of the other awesome subjects that are taught at Bishop Ward.

Be Welcoming - The Video Game Club is for ALL students. Welcome new students into your gaming groups - you never know who might become a very good friend!

Maintain Good Sportsmanship - You should emulate sportsmanship in the video game club just as you would on any other sports team at Ward. Be positive with your team and with opponents.

Be Patient and Understanding - Know that not everyone is on the same competitive level when it comes to certain games. Help new players so they can enjoy the game just as much as you do!

Keep it Appropriate - Make sure your usernames and language you use are appropriate. If you wouldn’t tell it to a teacher, don’t use it when playing games with friends.

 Remember, Video Games are for FUN! - Playing in competitive games can bring out a competitive side in you. If you happen to become invested into a game, round, or match and the outcome is not as you expected, remember that you are here to have fun! “Play Nice, Win Nice, Lose Nice.”

Club Sponsors/Contact information


Ryan McNally

Business/Technology teacher and Physical Education Chair


Antonio Subasic '14

Mathematics teacher