Faculty and Staff visit Giving the Basics

Faculty and staff visited Giving the Basics on Thursday, August 8th to volunteer their time to help members of our Kansas City community. Giving the Basics helps those who have been going without hygiene products. Many may now be able to get the job that changes their life, seniors will continue to thrive in their latter years, and students will be able go to school clean and fresh; ready to learn and raise their hand with pride. 

Our team was able to help count, sort, and package 5,447 hygiene and household cleaning items on our visit! 

Giving the Basics is one of many sites that students volunteer at throughout the year to earn their Legacy points, fulfilling their required community service in order to graduate from Bishop Ward High School. Teachers and Staff took this opportunity to experience one of the opportunities our students have to serve our community while bonding in the weeks leading up to the start of the school year.