Bishop Ward it's like a small school and like in know everyone they have a really strong relationship with the children and the teachers they all work well together that's something that public schools don't really have I like and I know everybody words that Gary putative it's been a good school good Catholic School in it's just so friendly and there's so many opportunities here that you can really stand out if you really try just like I mean everybody else everybody's trying and they want to succeed as well so it's it's a great school encouragement for everyone like for sports and for like academic like when teachers like you're encouraging and telling me that like to do my best and I always there in my I was telling me like I have the potential to do what I can on the court in Africa it's in West Africa we moved here because of a war in 2004 there were a lot of sick people and then when I moved here I had the opportunity that I could become a doctor help what's that learning through public school is kind of hard back in junior high there used to be a lot of fights during classes and that was terrible it was hard learning the things that they wanted us to learn and so when I came to Bishop Ward I was able to learn without getting distracted from students my family went there here my love turn brothers and sisters my brother graduated last year from here and I want to keep the tradition going I don't really know how to really explain it it's enjoyable I just wanted because I feel wild I so just feel like family I'm first-generation my family living in you know you was born in the US nobody in my family is going to college Suds major go on my life one day if we going to college I want to be a CPA if it wasn't for Bishop War would you be today I don't know that's something I don't like to think about this fix molded who I am now