Bishop Ward High School has a proud tradition of producing scientists for the world. In continuation of that tradition, the science department offers unique opportunities that will better prepare students for a career in the sciences.

Bishop Ward students can now earn 5 hours of science college credit at no additional cost to their school tuition. Through an exclusive agreement with Donnelly College, students can complete a dual-enrollment anatomy-physiology class at Bishop Ward and earn 5 college credits for free.

Science Lecture Series
The Science Lecture Series features leaders from the science world who give talks to students about their particular careers. Some past speakers include wildlife biologist Tim Menard, Neurologist Dr. Fred Sachen ’63 and Director of the Graduate Program Division of Dental Hygiene at UMKC Tanya Villalpando ’91, R.D.H., M.S.

Using their knowledge of physics and math, a team of students works together to build a robot that will face off against other high school robots. The team is mentored by community engineers who donate their time and expertise.

Bishop Ward has more than 10,000 alumni, many of which have graduated into successful careers in the sciences. Bishop Ward helps students attain internships in their interest fields. One example is senior student Gabe Wilson, who completed a paid internship at the National Institute of Mental Health in Washington, D.C., where he collaborated on DNA with Chief Executive Dr. Barry Kaplan.

Science Research and Projects
Seniors who are seriously thinking of pursuing a science career can now do science inquiry in a year-long class. With professional mentors, and the use of technology, students design and conduct an experiment or run a project. The creation of a paper and a formal presentation are part of the expectations of this new class.


Bishop Ward High School's Science Lecture Series brings notable figures from various scientific fields to speak to students about their particular careers. By exposing students to the personal experiences of these extraordinary people, we are preparing future scientists for the community and for the world.


October 7th

The 2015-16 St. Albert the Great Science Lecture Series kicks off on October 7 Mr. Jared Hill from the University of Saint Mary (USM) - Leavenworth. Mr. Hill will present on Nursing degree programs and provide information about a brand new and very generous scholarship program for qualified Bishop Ward grads interested in studying Nursing at USM next fall. Read more.

Want to be Involved?
If you’re a student: Talk to your science teacher about the lecture you are interested in attending.

If you’re a professional and want to be a guest speaker: Contact Bishop Ward President Rev. Thomas Schrader, O. Carm. at 913.371.1201 or