PLUSPORTAL: An Education Portal to online grades

A new parent and student school software product has been acquired. It has various components. The naming scheme is based on the term PLUSPORTAL. In addition to the online site using a computer, Chromebook or laptop, there is a smartphone app. One is labeled Student Plusportal and the other is Parent Plusportal. These are available for download through Play Store (Android phones) or The App Store (Apple phones). Once in the store, search for Rediker and select the appropriate app, i.e. Student Plusportal or Parent Plusportal. An email was sent to all parents and students with the links and sign on information to access student grades, classroom assignments, activities, etc.

To access the PlusPortal site click on the link below. Direct any questions to Mr. John Riley, Network/School Database Administrator, at jriley@wardhigh.org or call 913-371-1201.

Access Student Grades