Student Council

Bishop Ward High School Student Council Constitution.

We the students of Bishop Ward High School, in order to train for the attributes of citizenship and leadership, to secure greater cooperation between students and faculty, to promote unification of the students, to provide a voice in school management by investing limited authority in the student body, to foster good school spirit and uphold school traditions, to serve as a bridge between academics and co-curriculars, to raise the standards of the school, and to coordinate social, service, recreational and educational activities of and for the school, do ordain and establish this constitution of the Student Council of Bishop Ward High School.

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Student Council Members

Student Council Executive Officers for 2015-2016
President - Ashley Krause
Vice President - Teo Subasic
Secretary - Sarah Mikesic
Treasurer - Adrian Cisneros

Class Officers for 2015-2016

Seniors – Class of 2016
President Teo Subasic
Vice President Charles Kump
Secretary Joel Gallegos
Treasurer Trenton Sadrakula

Juniors – Class of 2017
President Adrian Cisneros
Vice President Michael LeDesma
Secretary Monserrat Chavez
Treasurer Danielle Whitfield

Sophomores – Class of 2018
President Yaneli Jacinto
Vice President Katie Breitenstein

Freshman Class Officers will be elected in September 2015.