Please read the following information and indicate your consent to follow these agreements on the online form below, or may download a pdf form:

2019-2020 Financial Agreement


1.It is understood that enrollment for the 2020-2021 is contingent upon the student’s satisfactory completion of the current school year.

2.Grade and classroom placement is determined by the school and does not constitute a part of this contract or its subsequent renewals.

3.Bishop Ward will withhold grade reports, student transcripts, diplomas and recommendations if specified tuition and fees are not paid when due. In addition, Bishop Ward reserves the right not to permit a student to attend class if tuition and fees are in arrears.

4.It is agreed that all rules and expectations contained in the Bishop Ward High School Student Handbook are hereby incorporated into this enrollment agreement.

5.School personnel will take appropriate action in the case of a medical emergency, under the conditions of the Student Emergency Release Form.

6.Any conduct by a Bishop Ward student that the School authorities consider detrimental to the student or to other students or to the School itself may be deemed adequate cause for appropriate disciplinary action, including suspension or dismissal.

7.As a parent or guardian, I understand that my involvement with my child is important. Therefore, I agree to the following :

  • I will do my best to see that my child attends school throughout the year.

  • I will provide in the home an appropriate time and place for my child to study.

  • I will review and discuss all progress reports and grade cards with my child.

  • I will communicate with my child and my child’s teachers, counselors, and/or administrators.

  • I will serve as a positive role model in support of the zero tolerance of the illegal use of alcohol and drugs.

Zero tolerance means that students will be held accountable for behavior that is illegal or violates the school’s Code of Conduct.



Because tuition does not cover the entire cost of education, all students and parents must uphold a student activity commitment each year to help fill the gap and supplement tuition costs. This student activity commitment is student-driven with support and encouragement from parents/guardians.

Two student activities will take place during each school year. Full participation in these student activities is a requirement of Bishop Ward High School.


Your student can ask family, friends, neighbors and others in the community to help by making a donation in support of their educations and goal. The Development Office is committed to helping your student reach above and beyond their commitment. Collection packets, flyers, suggestions and reminders will be sent home with your student. All money is due no later than the last day of each student activity; dates to be determined. Below are commitment minimums (quota) for each student activity.


1st Semester 

2nd Semester

Student Requirement (per Student)




If your student does not participate in either activity, you will be notified and charged the minimum activity fee requirement by the Business Office.

No final semester grade cards, student records or exam waivers will be released until financial commitment for that specific activity fee is fulfilled.

My student and I will support and participate in the activity efforts of Bishop Ward High School for the duration of my student’s career at the School by raising the amount specified in this agreement.