College Counseling

Counselors at Bishop Ward work with students to prepare them for the college selection and application process. The students are the primary responsible party for their application process to college and are encouraged to utilize the tools and resources the counselor provides them. Students are encouraged to stop by their

counselor's office anytime with questions.

College Admission Visits

College Admissions Representatives schedule visits to Bishop Ward throughout the academic school year. Visits occur during homeroom and lunch, and representatives are available for follow-up appointments. Representatives are scheduled on a weekly visit. Students are encouarged to listen to the announcements and attend meetings they are interested in and introduce themselves to representatives and ask questions.

Applying Early to Colleges

Making the decision to apply early to a college is not always as simple as some might think. Below are the basic guidelines and things to consider when debating whether or not to apply early.

Early Action (EA):

  • Is NON-Binding
  • Usually provides students with an answer from the college by mid-December
  • Students can be "accepted," "denied," or "deferred."
  • Students may apply to multiple colleges under an Early Action option but should be aware that this application option is reserved for your top choice of schools. Students should not apply to all of their colleges via Early Action as part of an admissions strategy.

Early Decision (ED):

  • Is BINDING- if you are accepted, you agree to attend.
  • Usually provides students with an answer from the college by mid-December
  • Students can be "accepted," "denied," or "deferred."
  • Students may onyl apply to ONE college under an Early Decision option and, if accepted, must withdraw applications to all other universities.
  • DO NOT apply Early Decision unless you are 100 percent, bet-your-life-on-it positive about that particular college being the perfect fit for you.

Sending Applications Early:

  • Even when not applying EA or ED, students are encouragaed to get their applications finished and sent to the colleges as soon as they can.
  • Some colleges require (and some suggest) an application to be sent earlier than the actual deadline to be considered for scholarship opportunities.

Rolling Admissions
When applying to a school with Rolling Admissions, it is wise to send applications as early as possible.

REMEMBER-Admissions application deadlines are different than financial aid deadlines. Be sure to check both dates!