Academic Counseling

Counselors at Bishop Ward work with students throughout the school year to provide guidance and counseling in the area of academics. As students progress thought high school, they will need to make many academic decisions such as basic course selection, college-preparatory course selection, time management and study skills. These decisions should be consistent with the student's long-term goals to prepare for college.

Academic Assistance
Bishop Ward provides after-school tutoring for students that have low academic weekly performance in order for them to improve their grades and classroom performance.

NHS Students
Those students who exhibit high academic scholarship, character, leadership and service will be invited to join the National Honor Society their sophomore year. NHS members are expected to remain in good standing according to the handbook.

Graduation Requirements
For graduation, Bishop Ward High School requires a minimum of 27 credits. For most adequate college preparation, we recommend that students follow a demanding course selection when they choose their classes in the spring. This is especially important in the following four areas: Foreign Language, Math, Science and Electives. Please note: many colleges now require three years of one foreign language or two years of two different languages.

If preparing for acceptance to a specific college or university, students should check with that school about their entrance requirements in the various subject areas listed below.

Legacy Hour Requirements
All students are required to complete a minimum of 60 volunteer hours for graduation. Volunteer forms are available at both the Campus Ministry Office and webpage. Forms must be turned into Campus Ministry. Please stop by their office for suggested ways to volunteer.