Bishop Ward High School

Bishop Ward Strategic Plan

The strategic plan has provided a road map that we can use to strengthen our position as a Roman Catholic academic leader in the urban core of Kansas City, Kan. We are a unique institution that is rarely found across the entire United States in that we serve a student body that is diverse ethnically and economically. We embrace the opportunity to change their lives. As we educate the next generation of community and faith leaders, we know that curriculum must provide skills to succeed in college and careers while faith is the compass that will guide moral life decisions down the line.

This executive summary presents highlights from the complete document. We wanted to provide a glimpse of some of the exciting changes coming down the pipeline. I would be happy to sit down and discuss the plan in more detail with you.

Every school has its share of challenges and opportunities; Bishop Ward is no different. Many of our goals and strategies cannot be accomplished without the dedicated support of everyone in our community. I hope you will share our excitement and chose to play an active role in the implementation.

This school is vital to this community.
Thank you for your continued support.
Full Executive Summary in attached PDF below.
Planning Committee:
Ignacio Alonso
Mary Lane
Karen Hopson
Ann Connor
Bob Beaman ’69
Tom Creal
BeaMarie Mejia ’67 Mayer
Marc McCarty
Tom McDonnell
Richard Mikesic ’86
Maria Rangel
Larry Ruby
Joe Synder
Rev. Schrader, O. Carm.