Bishop Ward High School

FIRST Robotics Competition

Students participating in the extra-curricular club spent months building and testing their robot after school and on the weekends. Students exercised engineering, remote driving and operation, and time management skills to attempt to complete this competition's unique challenges.

Not only do students get hands-on experience building complex mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic systems, but also were tested in a very formal and structured environment throughout the weekend. "Some think of this as a science club, but it's also an art," parent sponsor Mark Calvert explains. The skills gained building a 110 pound robotic vehicle are similar to what students would experience in a shop class. They must conceptualize the solution for a problem presented, build and test their device, and execute their plan on competition day.

 FIRST STEAMWORKS invited two adventure clubs from the steam-powered era to prepare their airships for the ultimate long distance race. Our team is placed  into an adventure club with two other teams, which then compete to complete several complex tasks to score points. The adventure club with the highest score at the end of the match is best prepared for the race and wins.

A hearty congratulations are due to the students who participated in the Robotics Club this year:

Lewis Spangler

Adam Wilson

Natalie Wilson

Caleb Burnside

Damian Thornton

Daniel Heltzel

Quan Vo

Anthony Novelo

Alicia Ruth

Mary Fox

Zach Miskec


You can view all 9 of the matches they participated in on the BWHS YouTube Channel. Cheer for team 3485!