Bishop Ward High School

AOF Speaker Series Welcomes Back Alumnus

David Kuebelbeck ’81, a Senior Vice-President/Portfolio manager in the Private Wealth Management Division of UMB Bank, talked with the Bishop Ward Academy of Finance students on November 22, 2016 as part of the Bishop Ward Academy of Finance speaker series.

Kuebelbeck shared his story of his family and history with Bishop Ward and the Wyandotte County Community, including working at Casa de Taco for the Alvarado family and using this job to pay his way through college.

He talked to the students about not only financial literacy but also about financial responsibility when it comes to their savings, scholarships, grants, and loans for college and their future. He emphasized how important it is to be educated about finances, debt, investing, and banking so they are prepared for their future.

The students were excited to hear about Kuebelbeck’s story, many linking his stories from the 70’s and 80’s to their same situation in 2016 regarding debt and loans. His stories were sincere and relatable.

He told them about his excitement of being back in the building and standing in the front of the auditorium. David said that many who went to school with him may not even remember him as he did not draw attention to himself or take part in productions, and he would never have pictured himself speaking to a large group of people in Bishop Ward’s auditorium. He advised the students to take a public speaking class and to get comfortable with speaking to people and giving presentations with practice.

He left the students with the message “Be proud to be from Bishop Ward and never underestimate what it means to be a graduate of Bishop Ward.” Further explaining, that we are all part of the Bishop Ward family, being from here is something to be very proud of, that his friends from here are his lifelong friends, and graduates of Bishop Ward are proud to be a part of this community.

Lori Dowd, Academy of Finance Director, said, “We were honored to have David speak to these AOF students and we are proud of and grateful to David Kuebelbeck for being part of the Bishop Ward family.”