Bishop Ward High School

Bishop Ward Presents “Testing, Testing!”

November 14, 2016 (Kansas City, Kan.): Almost everyone can relate to the stresses related to standardized testing which is why the Bishop Ward High School Drama Club’s performance of Testing, Testing by Alan Haehnel was extremely entertaining and clearly relatable.

Testing, Testing was a group of comedic one-acts that explore the aspects of school testing. The acts included everything from a comedy about a student who has to deal with inexplicable chaos during an important exam, to a drama that deals with cheating.

The Bishop Ward Drama Club Sponsor, Devon Whitton, was excited for the opportunity this production gave to students to expand their acting abilities.

“This show is much different from anything else the students have done and they have been incredibly successful in their endeavor. I'm so proud of all the students and of the final product that we've been able to put together,” said Whitton.