Bishop Ward High School

Freshman Focus on Faith at Class Retreat

The theme of the retreat was “Beloved” and the focus was on “What it truly means to be a beloved child of our Heavenly Father and how does one live that identity in their daily lives,” said Bishop Ward Theology teacher, Abby Drath.

Activities included: Dynamic talks from young adults of the Archdiocese who work with high school teens, Mass, Adoration, Reconciliation, Small group time led by senior leaders, Group activities, Discussions, and Fellowship time.

On Tuesday morning, the freshman were separated into male “Mantown” and female “Ladyville” groups and were led in activities that focused on the specific topics of “what it means to be a beloved son of the Father and a beloved daughter of the Father” and the particular struggles that face young adults in living out that identity in their daily lives.

Feedback from students was positive. Students noted that some of their favorite and most memorable parts of the retreat were time for Adoration and Reconciliation as well as the group activities “Mantown” and “Ladyville”. Overall, the retreat was well received and through this encounter, students were allowed time to grow in their individual relationships with our Lord.