Bishop Ward High School

House Alliance's Come to Cyclone Country

Bishop Ward High School introduced an exciting new element at the beginning of the school year to help strengthen community between classes and add some fun for the students. The BWHS House Alliance system is based on the virtues set forth by the Sisters of Charity which are still very present today. Humility, simplicity, and service are just a few virtues that are the foundation of our House Alliance system. Furthermore, it is enhancing student engagement and school spirit by assigning students, teachers, and faculty into separate groups called houses. There are four alliances; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

These houses will create smaller communities crossing the boundaries of grade levels to encourage students to interact and befriend people they might not normally become friends with.

“I think it’s cool. Freshman are getting more involved and it is giving them a chance to get to know upperclassmen,” said senior Priscila Barajas.

The alliance system creates a support system to ensure every student feels valued and encouraged. It centers on friendly competition between the alliances including volleyball games and other activities. Plus, it will give students a chance to make life-long friendships while encouraging accountability and academic excellence.

“My favorite part is that it’s giving us a better chance to bond with other students,” said senior Santiago Galvan.

Other schools that have used similar systems have found that it increases school unity and student happiness. It gives students a chance to get more involved and teaches them team building and leadership skills.