Bishop Ward High School

Prayer and Action!

The program is run by seminarians of the Archdiocese. Students started each day with meditation and Mass before having breakfast together. They are then split into smaller groups to visit multiple sites to serve the community.

One group had the opportunity to paint the American Legion, do some landscaping, gutter clean out, yard work, and paint a deck. The other group sanded, stained, and built a deck and wheel chair ramp as well as paint a hallway for Twin Valleys, an organization that finds work for adults with disabilities.

“Some of the most powerful experiences of the week are the encounters with those that we are serving,” said Drath. “While at Twin Valley’s we had the opportunity to interact with their clients. It was beautiful to watch their gratitude and joy in having us with them.”

The week was a great opportunity for the students to try new things, experience new people, and grow in their faith.