Bishop Ward High School

Benedictine Monks Inspire Students

March 24, 2016 (Kansas City, Kan.): The students of Bishop Ward were honored to have Abbot James R. Albers O.S.B. from St. Benedict’s Abbey serve as the celebrant for all school mass on March 23rd. He brought a special visitor with him from the Abbey, Brother Luke Turner, who shared his personal story with students—a compelling journey from his time at Benedictine College to 25 years in the corporate world, and ultimately a path led by God back to Atchinson to become a Monk. 

After studying at Benedictine College and spending his sophomore year living with the Benedictine Monks, Brother Luke eventually left to pursue a different path. He received a finance degree from Rockhurst University and then pursued a career in the corporate world.  He traveled the world and shared a success story that many would admire.  It included an executive career that began at Hallmark and advanced to MasterCard.  His Senior Vice President position came with appealing perks—a high salary, influential role, international travel and a 3,800 square foot custom built house with a garage for his Audi 7 Series.

However, at the end of the day, he felt unfulfilled. 

“We all want joy. And God will put joy in your heart. What gave me joy was helping others so I did what God called me to do and went back to the Abbey,” said Brother Luke.

He explained to the students that although he had everything one person could possibly want, he didn’t feel fulfilled. God was sending him a clear message to rejoin Benedictine Abbey.  He sought guidance from many and his path became clear:  sell everything and go back to the Abbey.  He took his final solemn vows in 2015; he teaches at Benedictine College and also works in development at the Abbey.    

His story illustrated to students that there are various paths to take, but it’s important to listen to God’s call every step of one’s journey.