Bishop Ward High School

Willie Mays Aikens Gives Life Changing Presentation

(Kansas City, Kan.): Students and youth from the community got to hear Aikens message on Wednesday, February 17, which focused on his redemption as he told his life story, including a promising career in major league baseball and the struggles he faced along the way.

“His life story is really moving. Talking about how he struggled and then rising above it; I think it is really inspiring to a lot of people,” said Bishop Ward senior Kaytlan Forbis.

Aikens captivated students as he spoke of growing up poor and the dedication he used on the field to make it to the Major Leagues. Students were silent as he told his story of becoming a baseball star and how quickly he lost that stardom when drugs took a hold on his life and eventually landed him in prison.

At this point in his story, one could have heard a pin drop at Bishop Ward High School. Aikens continued explaining how he found faith in prison and God is what got him through this tough time.  He was eventually released from prison and has been drug-free since.

“We were excited to hear Mr. Aikens faith filled story of a changed life. I really think it inspired our students,” said Bishop Ward President, Father Thomas Schrader, O. Carm.

“A huge thanks to KC United and the other community sponsors for making this possible, this was a great experience for our students that they will never forget,” said Father Schrader.