Bishop Ward High School

Students Take Part in Religious Freedom Rally

(Topeka, Kan.): On February 17, A group of students from Bishop Ward High School traveled to Topeka to be a part of history and stand for religious freedom. They joined many others in a Religious Freedom Rally, partially sponsored by the Kansas Catholic Conference, to make their opinion known that they have a right to worship, believe, and live as they choose without government interference.

John Williams, Head of Campus Ministry at Bishop Ward said, “I was very excited for our students to have the opportunity to be a part of this amazing experience. There were great speakers who made for an energetic atmosphere. The students often see how the media portrays these events as chaotic, but they were able to see first-hand what an organized assembly should look like. Most importantly they were able to hear a great message which will always be truth, and that religious freedom matters.”

“I am so proud of our students for taking pride in their Catholic faith and their willingness to further their personal growth,” said Bishop Ward President, Father Thomas Schrader, O. Carm.

The students came back with a new perspective on freedom. They were reminded how precious it is to be able to practice faith freely.