Bishop Ward High School

The Fascinating World of Mortuary Science

February 3, 2016 (Kansas City, Kans.): Steve Pierce, owner of Skradski's Funeral Home and Muehlebach Funeral Care, Helen Skradski '63 semi-retired after owning Skradski's for 45 years, and Carrie Lally '81, current funeral director at Skradski's shared with students how they got involved in the mortuary business, the education required and all the details on life every day in the funeral home.

"I'm scared sometimes. Of course. But the things we do to help grieving families through the time after such a sad time is our vocation,” said Lally.

The students were fascinated by the many details surrounding preparing the body after death.  And Skradski answered all their questions, even walking them through the process of when they first get the call of a death and then what follows with the embalming process and making the deceased look beautiful.

“I never realized so much thought and detail went into what the casket and person would look like,” said Camryn Sanchez, freshman.

“We put a lot of pride, effort and heart into making sure everyone looks perfect,” said Pierce. “However, I didn’t get into this business for the science, but for the opportunity to make the worst day of someone’s life as good as it can be.”

When asked what is most difficult about her job, Skradski responded, “Working on kids is the absolute hardest for me. They tear me up every time.”

The students were surprised by many things but mostly that everyone mentioned that helping people was the highlight and most important part of their jobs.

“It was surprising that they all mentioned helping people as the most fun thing about their job. I didn’t expect that,” said Sophie Sadrakula, freshman.