Bishop Ward High School

March for Life Adventure!

A bus full of Bishop Ward High School students traveled to Washington, D.C. with their hearts set on the preservation of life and ready to join thousands of people in the annual March for Life event. What they did not expect was that the trip would be cut short due to an impending and possibly record-breaking blizzard.

“I was disappointed we didn’t get to march,” said senior Sarah Mikesic. “But I realized that the decision to leave early was for our own safety.”

Senior Gracey Sherrod, who has been on this trip all four years at Bishop Ward, and senior international exchange student, Maria Pilato, agreed.

“I was also disappointed that we didn’t get to march, but at the same time we still had the chance to bond with our friends and offer our prayers to those who did,” said Sherrod.

“Even though we missed the march, this was such an amazing experience for me. Everyone was very positive and aware of what was going on. Their hearts were in the right place,” said Pilato. “My favorite part of this trip was the Mass and Adoration that we went to, it was a really special experience.”

The group of students may not have “Marched for Life,” but they still were together with a strong belief in why they took the trip so they decided to pray. That way, even if they could not physically be with the marchers, their hearts would be.

Because of the strong diversity of the students participating, they said an “International Rosary” where they prayed the rosary in English, Spanish, Latin, Dutch, and American Sign Language. Students and teachers each offered their expertise to create this special moment during the trip.

“It was so cool to participate in the International Rosary. It made me realize that our Catholic religion is not just something people here in the USA are a part of, but something that covers the whole globe,” said Sherrod.

“It was really cool to be able to participate in the International Rosary as an international student from Italy. It was awesome to contribute and hear what other languages were represented,” said Pilato.

Mikesic said, “It was unique to hear the rosary prayed in different languages; it made the world feel sort of small.”

Praying together brings strength and community. For the students of Bishop Ward who had their trip cut short, they still recognized the importance of the journey and were thankful for the quiet time to pray and create stronger bonds with their friends and classmates.