Bishop Ward High School

Students Learn About Engineering

Senior Alexis Wilson attended and summarized the lecture:

George Powell is a mechanical, civil and energy engineer who spoke to us about engineering and careers. I arrived early to the science lecture and was able to speak to him about different alternative energies, such as wind and solar. He was insightful and educational and gave me an inside look at what it’s really like to be in the real world with a career in engineering.

During his lecture, Mr. Powell gave advice on interviews and work ethic. Some of his advice included paying attention during classes because the knowledge will be necessary in the future. Many interviews in engineering will involve solving those same math equations we, learned and will learn in school.

All the information is pertinent to our careers. He also advised on work ethic and the things that require no talent, such as being on time, attitude, and being coachable. These are important and I have experienced them first hand through my own jobs. It is a good reminder as I head towards the end of my high school career and the beginning of college and a career.

Bishop Ward High School's Science Lecture Series brings notable figures from various scientific fields to speak to students about their particular careers. By exposing students to the personal experiences of these extraordinary people, we are preparing future scientists for the community and for the world.

If you know of someone who would be a great guest speaker, please contact Greg Duggins at 913-371-6901.