Bishop Ward High School

Students Hold World Culture Day


December 11, 2015 (Kansas City, Kan.): It is hard to travel the world in a day so freshmen geography students at Bishop Ward High School brought the world home as part of their World Cultures Fair on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015. Seventeen countries were represented and the whole school was invited to the cafeteria to learn about cultures from all over the world.

“This was such a fun project and I learned so much about these different countries such as their population, their cities, types of transportations and what daily life is like,” said freshman Camryn Sanchez .

This project is one of the many ways that Bishop Ward engages students beyond the classroom. Each group had a booth with pictures and information about their specific country. Presentations were made to students and faculty, and as an added treat they provided samples of food from the country they studied. 

“This was a really fun project. I learned a lot and I hope they do it again next year so that I can come back and try all the food,” said freshman Kacie Hernandez.