Bishop Ward High School

Prayer & Action Missions Trip

Students and faculty from Bishop Ward traveled to Atchison Kansas to attend the yearly Prayer & Action Mission Trip. Once they arrived at Maur Hill Mont Academy, they were joined by 44 other students from around the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. The week was centered around faith and putting that faith into action. 

Each morning, the students would begin by enjoying breakfast cooked by a group of their fellow participants. After cleaning up, the Prayer and Action group attended mass, had a rosary walk around Benedictine's campus, and meditation time every morning. 

Groups of 6-10 students from varying parishes would drive out to their sites each day. Responsibilities at these sites varied from pulling out dozens of trees to clearing bush, and scraping, painting, and priming some outdoor areas.

Bishop Ward Campus Ministries Director, Gavin Reidy said, “the night was spent together reflecting on these moments- the "God is Good" moments and the funny stories. Students learned that being at their sites every day, helping one another, and meeting new people was, in fact, helping them find Christ. Students professed this on a nightly basis in front of one another.”

The Prayer and Action trips will continue for another 4 consecutive weeks after Bishop Ward left.