Bishop Ward High School

Video Games Meet Science and Technology

Junior Evan Barclay said, “Mr. Huggins was very engaging and the subject was very interesting, most of us have played the games he helped create and it was cool to see someone from behind-the-scenes.”

Huggins has always been interested in cinematics and how special effects in movies were made. He grew up in Kansas City, Kan. where he attended Bishop Ward High School. Huggins credits his high school art teacher, Mr. Brock, for inspiring him to pursue his dreams. 

“Mr. Brock found a way to relate what he knew in art history to what I was into. He taught me how to paint and helped drive my passion for art,” said Huggins.

After graduating from Bishop Ward High School and attending college, Huggins spent time working at KCKCC before he moved to Chicago where he bought his first computer and really discovered his passion for 3D graphics and cinematics. He eventually ended up in California working for Blizzard Entertainment and worked on such games as World of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft. 

Huggins is now sharing his talents with the Kansas City area. The students were thrilled to have him speak at the school.

“Our art teacher, Mr. Tomasic, talked about Mr. Huggins and what he did for a living and it was very exciting for him to finally make it back to the school.  I’m a gamer and it was cool to hear from someone who has helped make them, and it was even cooler that he is an alumnus,” said Barclay.