Bishop Ward High School

Legacy and Tradition Annual Fund

A few students volunteered their time after school to stay for a couple of hours and call alumni and donors to inform them of the campaign and thank them for their contributions to Bishop Ward. 

Senior, Yesenia Valenzuela said, “I decided to participate in the calling campaign to get a new experience and to try new things.” This was not the only reason for Yesenia volunteering her time though.

“This meant a lot to me because Bishop Ward is my school and without donations to our school, it would not be where it is today,” said Valenzuela. 

She was not alone, senior Abby Gergick also felt passionately about her time at Bishop Ward and volunteered “because I wanted to give my time to help support my school.”

“I thought it was very cool that I was able to get to talk to some of the people who used to go here, and make it possible for me to attend,” Gergick said about her experience calling. 

Bishop Ward students learned the value of giving their time in the last two weeks thanks to the Annual Appeal Call Campaign. It was an experience that students like Gergick and Valenzuela enjoyed because of their pride towards being a Cyclone and getting to share that with alumni.