Bishop Ward High School

Student Leaders Recognized

The Knights of Peter Claver is the largest and oldest predominantly African-American Catholic fraternal organization. The organization includes the whole family and offers a variety of opportunities for members to engage in church and community service projects. For the youth in the organization, it provides a way for them to learn about Church history and develop leadership skills.

Bishop Ward Junior Erica Baker said, “My family and extended family have been involved with the Knights of Peter Claver for many years which gave me the opportunity to get involved at a young age. I was initiated when I was just in second grade!”

Youth in the organization get a chance to travel all over the United States, meet other Knights, get involved with service projects, learn how to be leaders and much more.

While this organization gives members a chance to help others, it also helps its members grow intellectually and spiritually as well.

Sophomore Mary Alice Brooks said, “I got involved in the fourth grade, and being able to help those in need feels really good. I love being able to help change lives.”

“It’s a Catholic organization so we celebrate the Eucharist, we fundraise for charities and do community service. It is really engaging in the faith so I am always learning and growing,” said Baker.

Bishop Ward High School is proud of these three outstanding students, who influence the rest of the student body.