Bishop Ward High School

Repeat the Sounding Joy…

On December 5, Cyclone musicians greeted incoming students before school with a host of Christmas melodies to the enjoyment of all who entered the school that morning.

Residents at the Don Bosco Senior Center were also serenaded by Bishop Ward musicians with a classic Christmas performance on December 10. This annual tradition started five years ago at the invitation of mutual benefactors at Mark One Electric Co. 

The final performance on December 12 was for the entire student body during all lunch periods. This performance followed a beautiful celebration of the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the Cathedral of Saint Peter. The students continued the celebration and joined in the caroling making for a festive atmosphere before final semester exams next week.

Cyclone Band Director and Teacher, Mr. Adam Braunschweig noted that “band members love to showcase their talent and enthusiasm for music. Music is a simple, yet beautiful gift that they enjoy sharing with others, especially during this time of the year. I'm always incredibly proud of the students who keep playing and working on the music we play even when they haven't been able to fit the class into their schedule.”