Bishop Ward High School

Bishop Ward Brings Laughs With Fall Play

November 14, 2014 (Kansas City, Kan.): A fantasy comedy that takes place in a far off enchanted land, with the title character nowhere to be found, Princess Tabasco and her lady-in-waiting Saffron set off on an adventure to rescue Prince Gallant from the Evil Sorceress Nefaria. On the way, they join forces with an unlucky leprechaun, an unwicked witch, and a very unconvincing dragon. Will this band of fairy tale rejects be enough to stop Nefaria and her infamous harpies?

The students of Bishop Ward have put “8 weeks of hard work and a lot of time and effort have been put into making sure this play comes together,” said Lipovitz. “The cast and crew consist of 70 really awesome students, 24 of which are seniors who have been in almost every production since their freshman year.”

Senior Abby Gergick commented “We have really gained confidence and gotten more comfortable on stage, the play is all around fun. My favorite part is how well we each play our parts and make our characters come alive.”

Lipovitz made the comment that she has gotten very positive reviews from those who have seen the play. “I have had people come up to me and tell me that it is very funny and that they can see the kids having fun.”

The play had three wonderful, comedy filled nights. If you missed the play, make sure to watch for more information on the musical coming soon!