Bishop Ward High School

Bishop Ward Leaders Take Pilgrimage to Holy Land

Mike Scherschligt, Director of Holy Family School of Faith, for the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, is leading the group. A generous donor covered all costs so the leaders of our schools have an opportunity to travel to the holy sites of the Gospel.

They will travel to Israel, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Galilee. By the end of their trip in the Holy Land, they will have visited the scene of 19 of the 20 mysteries of the rosaries.  

Father Schrader said that as a member of the Carmelite Order, this pilgrimage is like going home, since the Carmelites were founded at Mount Carmel in Israel in the 12th Century.

β€œThe imagery within the Carmelite charism refers to the Ascent of Mount Carmel which is the human journey toward the divine. A place we all seek as people of faith. The pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a journey closer to heart of Christ and to discover on a deeper level the support of Mary, Our Mother. Ultimately, the gift is to allow the experience to transform us,” said Father Schrader, O.Carm.

His deepest desire is to become a better educator in service to the Bishop Ward students and community.

β€œOn this special trip we will encounter even more deeply the life of Jesus in the land in which He lived, suffered and died for salvation of the world." said Father Schrader, O.Carm.

Novena Prayer for Pilgrimage

Glorious God, we come to You in praise and thanksgiving for our pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Prepare our hearts to receive this most gracious gift. May the Holy Family be our constant companion and guide, so that through their intercession, we will experience the sacred and find ourselves completely immersed in You β€” the great I AM. 

St. Joseph, model of trust and obedience and protector of the Holy Family, keep us safe on our journey. Protect us from physical danger and spiritual tepidity. Pray that our hearts, like Yours, will be ever ready to listen to the promptings of our guardian angel, drawing us closer to God and the fulfillment of His mighty will.

Holy Mary, our beautiful Mother, help us to prepare wisely for our trip, taking only what is essential and leaving all else behind. Accompany us with your blessed presence, showing us how to experience God in holy silence and perpetual prayer. Pray that we will fall in love with your Son anew, with intimate friendship and deepest devotion.

Jesus the Christ, Our Blessed Lord and Savior, ultimately we journey to You. Out of all the earth, You chose this Holy Land as the place in which salvation history would unfold, as the place where You would be born, perform miracles, and die on the cross for our sins. Open our eyes so we will see this journey through eyes of faith. Give us the courage to follow You wherever You may lead us, even unto Calvary, with the hope of Heaven ever before us.

Holy God, after this trip, may we never be the same.

Glory be...   Amen.

written by Sara Morailles Dec. 2011