Bishop Ward High School

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Bishop Ward Alumnus Debuts As MLB Pitching Coach!
Congratulations to Neil Allen '76 for becoming the new pitching coach for the Minnesota Twins!
KC Star Headlines Bishop Ward!
Often across the country, Catholic high schools in urban cores eventually moved or closed as their parishes joined the suburban migration.
Bishop Ward Announces New Athletic Director
Ridley will replace Greg Duggins ’83 who will be taking on new responsibilities as Bishop Ward’s Alumni Manager.
Video Games Meet Science and Technology
Bishop Ward High School welcomed Harley Huggins ’83 back in the building on Wednesday, March 25 for a Science and Technology Lecture. Huggins has worked as a Cinematic Director and worked on such games as World of Warcraft. He spoke to students about the technology used to create 3D graphics that are used in video games.
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Bishop Ward High School provides a quality, Catholic, college-preparatory education in a Christ-centered community that nurtures the body, mind, and soul of each student.